Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is one of the toughest addictions to kick. Cocaine is a very strong stimulant and it is potentially addictive the very first time a person uses the drug. This of course doesn’t mean that everyone who has ever used the drug once is addicted. However, the addictive potential is there from the start.

Once a person uses the drug for some length of time and they are fully addicted, life begins to revolve around cocaine. Cocaine is very expensive and will demand much of a person’s resources to stay high on a regular basis. Often this even means depriving their families of basic necessities in order to buy more cocaine. Child neglect, family heartbreak, legal trouble, theft of property and many other acts which would never be an option to the individual without the drug now become the only way to survive. There is a downward spiral of addiction the person will end up on and goes as low as the addiction is allowed to take the person.

Long term addiction treatment will be needed to rehabilitate a person who has become addicted to cocaine. Short term programs lack intensity and comprehensiveness. Cocaine causes very strong cravings and the chances of relapse without a long term rehabilitative accomplishment is highly probable as evidenced in the dismal successes achieved by out-patient type rehab settings.

In short, cocaine addiction is very destructive and anyone who knows and loves someone addicted will attest to that fact immediately. Getting real help is the only true method of stopping the destruction and getting the life back that is now threatened by cocaine addiction.