Am I Addicted?

If you have urges to use a substance chances are you’ve developed a chemical or psychological dependency on that drug or substance. Not to worry through some substances are not as dangerous as others, it’s important to recognize an addiction and take proper steps to living longer and healthier without the dependence of drugs.

Whether you’ve been on a drug for a month or twenty years, there is always hope to breaking the habit and it starts with your desire to succeed and a little persistence and self control. Your first step to recovery is contacting a local professional to determine the extent of your addiction. These calls are confidential and you will not be arrested or reported to the police! Many people are afraid to get into legal trouble if they request help! This is not the case…you are safe.

Whether you are an addict, or a family member, or even a friend, it’s important to take the necessary steps to get that person into a rehabilitation center as soon as possible! Enrolling in a rehab center today could prevent an overdose tomorrow so this is a matter of life or death. Drug rehab is not a jail, nor a circus…people are here for a reason and you will not be looked down upon or made an example of during your stay.